Transportation Information

  • Air Transport

    Hainan has several airports, including Haikou Meilan International Airport, Sanya Phoenix International Airport, Qionghai Boao Airport, Sansha Yongxing Airport, Dongfang Datian Airport, and Danzhou Xiqing General Aviation Airport.

  • Haikou Meilan International Airport

    Haikou Meilan International Airport is located 18 kilometers southeast of Haikou City, in Hainan Province, China.

    There are island departure duty-free shops and corresponding pick-up points in T1 and T2 at Haikou Meilan International Airport. At present, domestic flights entering and leaving Hainan Island are in T1. Starting from February 8, 2023, international and regional flights are in T2 of the Haikou Meilan Airport.

    Airport Website:

    Customer Service Hotline: 0898-966114

  • Sanya Phoenix International Airport

    Phoenix Airport is located in Fenghuang Village, Tianya District, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China.

    Airport Website:

    Customer Service Hotline: 0898-9612333

  • Qionghai Boao Airport

    The Boao Airport is located in Zhongyuan Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province, China. It provides aviation support for domestic and international political figures and accomodates business jets during the Boao Forum for Asia. There are airport buses directly to the Bo’ao High-speed Railway Station and the Qionghai High-speed Railway Station. Travelers can take a car to the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone to start their health care journeys.

    Airport Website:

    Customer Service: 0898-36860114

  • High-speed Rail

    The Hainan Island Ring Railway is the world's first island high-speed ring railway. It consists of a 308-kilometer railway on the east coast and a 345-kilometer railway on the west coast, both connecting Haikou to Sanya.

    Hainan Island high-speed ring railway stations: Haikou - Haikou East - Meilan Airport - Wenchang - Qionghai - Bo’ao - Wanning -Shenzhou - Lingshui - Yalong Bay Station - Sanya -Phoenix Airport - Yacheng - Ledong - Huangliu - Jianfeng - Jinyue Bay - Dongfang - Qizi Bay - Baimajing - Yintan - Lingao South - Fushan Town - Loacheng - Haikou.

    Railway Ticketing Website:

    Customer Service Hotline: 0898-12306

    Ticketing Hotline: 0898-95105105

  • Ferry

    Cars can cross the Qiongzhou Strait by ferry. Take the ferry to Hainan from Guangdong’s Xuwen Port, Hai'an New Port, or North Port. Those departing Hainan can take the ferry across the strait from Haikou’s Xinhai Port, Xiuying Port, or South Port. Xinhai Port goes to and from Xuwen Port, Xiuying Port goes to and from Hai’an New Port, and South Port goes to and from North Port. Currently, it is only possible for vehicles to cross the strait at Haikou then drive across the island to Sanya.

    Haikou Xinhai Port

    Please Note: You must reserve your ferry tickets in advance. Port entry is only open to those with a valid ticket. All individual travelers and vehicles (including passenger cars and trucks) must purchase tickets in advance, then enter the port with tickets. Island Departure duty-free goods can only be picked up at Xinhai Port.

    Customer Service Hotlines:

    Haikou - Hai’an Route (Xinhai Port and Xiuying Port): 0898-9693666

    Hai’an - Haikou Route (Xuwen Port, Hai’an New Port): 4009300003

    South Port (Haikou) and North Port (Xuwen) Comprehensive Information Hotline: 0898-31684464

  • Road Trip

    Ring Expressway

    The 612.804-kilometer Hainan Ring Expressway is positioned as the “National China Coastal No. 1 Scenic Byway". It runs through a total of 12 coastal cities and counties including Haikou, Wenchang, and Qionghai, as well as a Chinese state-level development zone, forming a unique scenic coastal route. Hainan is also the only province in China that does not have any toll roads

  • Tourist Ring Highway

    The Hainan Island Tourist Ring Highway is a scenic route that showcases Hainan’s regional geography, nature, and local cultural landscape. The total distance of the main highway is around 1,000 kilometers, and it runs through 12 cities and counties including Haikou, Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, Lingshui, Sanya, Ledong, Dongfang, Changjiang, Danzhou, Lingao, the coast of Chengmai, and the Yangpu Economic Development Zone.

  • Cruises

    Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Port

    The Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Port, China’s first port dedicated to serving international cruise ships, can accommodate cruise liners of up to 225,000 tons.

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