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The West Coast of Hainan has a long history, stretching back to the Han Dynasty period, when troops were posted here, and the administrative region of Hainan was first established. During the Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo was exiled to Danzhou, beginning a period of great cultural development on Hainan’s West Coast. Historically, wave after wave of mainland residents have, for various reasons, come to settle in Hainan, mixing with the locals and earlier migrants. Each wave brought their own customs and traditions, which were gradually mixed in with those already found on the island, slowly creating a completely new and unique island culture. The Li and Miao Minority people, with their own unique cultures, live along Hainan’s West Coast, where they still practice many of their age old traditions. Now the West Coast High Speed Rail Line and West Coast Highway have made it convenient to travel up and down the West Coast of Hainan, giving visitors the chance to see the beauty of this rugged coast for themselves.

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